Multy-Day Tours

Our multy-day tours are perfect for those clients with more time to enjoy Odessa to the full and experience a range of sites, areas and landscapes. Our fully qualified Tourist Guides will drive you on your own tailor-made tour of Odessa.

Our driver-guided tours will be tailored to suit your specific requirements in terms of duration, locations, activities and interests. We will plan each day of your tour to ensure you maximise your time and create your own unique journey. We will work with you to arrange overnight accommodation that is perfect for your party.

Our extended tours will show you the best of Odessa, our history, our people, our wonderful scenery, and our fantastic food and drink. We can design your tour to create a mix of outdoor activities (walks, sightseeings,shopping trips) together with time spent travelling through wonderful Odessa scenery to give you a complete 'Odessa Experience'.

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