From Odessa with love
Welcome to Odessa!
Our first acquaintance is online but we are looking forward to meeting you in person.
Visit the most cheerful city in the world come to the most beautiful building in Europe (anyone will tell you that this is the Opera House), and here we are — smiling, cheerful, ready to fulfill all your wishes and whims!!!
Friends, go on an excursion, in an amicable way!
Firstly, you find yourself in the caring hands of our promoters. They are such active girls in branded clothes with a «quiet» megaphone. And do not surprise if you go to the sea but find yourself taking the sightseeing tour, they are good at their job! They can be very useful and advise you the best places to go and see.
On a retro-Mercedes in Odessa!
With a breeze!
Our drivers are professionals in their field. You will not even feel a single cobblestone on Deribasovskaya street during the driving. You will be surrounded by attention and care: if it is raining — an umbrella will be served, if it becomes colder — they will cover with a warm blanket.
About Odessa or with love, or in any way
All our tours are provided by professional foreign-speaking guides. Several languages are available: English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Turkish. They will bring you into the atmosphere of local color, humor, stories and legends. Excitement and delight will be your permanent emotions during the trip, which you will surely bring home!
So, see you in sunny Odessa!
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