Sea tours in Odessa will give you a unique feeling of freedom, great emotions and unforgettable impressions. In addition to walk and bus excursions around Odessa, tours on unique retro cars, in our company “LoveOdessa” you can order a voyage trip on a yacht or tourist boat along the coast of South Palmyra.

Odessa is a Black Sea pearl and it is hard to argue with that. We invite you to appreciate the unique atmosphere of the city, its magnificent views and main landmarks either from the land or from the sea. Boat trips will fill you with vivid impressions of the beautiful Odessa. Water excursions open up the possibility to:

  • Feel the taste of life by breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Black Sea coast.
  • From a close distance to appreciate the magnificent architecture of the Vorontsov lighthouse, which was opened in 1845 during the count Vorontsov government and is still used for its intended purpose.
  • Take a fresh look at the port of Odessa, which daily ships from all over the world.
  • Admire the beauty of the coast from the sea (the beaches of Langeron, Otrada, Arkady, etc.), try to solve the riddles of mysterious bays.
  • Swim in the open sea, feel the true unity with the sea elements. And, if you're lucky, get acquainted with the playful and good-natured Black Sea dolphins!

Sea voyage from Odessa Marine Station is an amazing sea adventure that you will remember for a long time. If you wish, you can rent a yacht or boat as a whole, and even have a picnic on board, or join a group excursion. Walks on the sea along the shores of South Palmyra on a yacht or boat - a mini-cruise available to everyone!

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