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Welcome to Odessa! What? You have never been to it? Such answer will make locals ask you about your age. Do you know why? The answer is simple, just to understand how many years of your life you've wasted. But do not get upset, being on this web page means to be a little bit in Odessa and feel this city within yourself. So have a sit, make yourself comfortable and start exploring our tours around amazing and beautiful city. In case you have already been in Odessa not once be ready to be surprised by our new author's tours and routes which are created by our guides with love and pleasure. So looking forward to see you in Odessa !

Love Odessa
Love Odessa
We will take you for a ride in retro!
Our exclusive are tours by  electric cars in different styles! You will be able to dip into the unique world of Odessa myths, legends and stories. You will learn the most interesting facts about the history of our city and its famous inhabitants ! All tours are provided by professional guides!

Let us give you a joy ride!
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Excursions in Odessa, more than 40 attractions

Экскурсии по Одессе

Spending your vacation in Odessa is a great idea for those who want to remember 2022 as a most brightful and interesting! There is a sign: coming to our city brings good luck, money and wealth .... to Odessans))) and of course to you dear guests. Be ready the charge of cheerfulness, energy and good mood are guaranteed! "Odessa always gives a delicious food for inquisitive tourist!" - wrote famous odessa writers Ilf and Petrov. There is no other city in the world with such a unique combination like sea, sun and air. It inspires and heals. Other two things are architecture and history. It help guests from all over the world feel like home, finding familiar shapes and motives in Odessa streets, lanes and buildings. The third one is flavour and Odessa cuisine. Each dish is a work of art here, its recipe is passed down from generation to generation garnished with stories, dramas and comedies. The fourth is Odessa atmosphere and music. You will obviously feel it walking down the streets which give warmth and comfort with the aroma of acacias, chestnuts. All streets are full of music. It sounds from all windows, courtyards, squares and boulevards. Be sure you will start moving unconsciously to the rhythm of Odessa melodies!

Are you still doubting? Then as it is said "A picture is worth a thousand words" Pack up and come to Odessa. We will show you the most beautiful places and share the most interesting stories and historical facts. And be ready to fall in love with the city that will reveal its heart to you!

Odessa is looking forward to your visit!

Одесса ждет

Tour agency LoveOdessa offers you a wide range of trips and excursions around Odessa and its surroundings. Most of our tours are held by electric cars. It helps you in comfortable way to explore the center of the city while listening to guide's stories.There are several stops for taking pictures during the route. For those who prefer active way we are pleased to suggest our walking tours which will give you a chance to examine the city more carefully. Long сountry tours are held on comfortable air-conditioned buses that can pick you up and your from the centre of the city. The guides in our company are professionals in their sphere. They speak several foreign languages and develope new directions and tours!

Fascinating excursions around Odessa, the most interesting facts and stories.

Увлекательные экскурсии по Одессе

We work seven days a week from 10 a.m till 8 p.m. The opening hours may be changed in the autumn-winter period,
Please contact us to obtain more precise information . Departure points: Opera House (next to the theater box office) and the corner of Deribasovskaya and Richelievskaya. Our manager will be happy to help you choose a tour and to inform in case of any questions.

Popular questions about excursions:

1. What is the best way to start exploring the city?

We are often asked what is the first thing to see in Odessa? Our advice - start from the very heart, the historical center of the city and the famous corner of Deribasovskaya and Rishelievskaya. The one that the raiders chose in the colorful Odessa song. It offers a stunning view of the Opera House and the famous Odessa streets. From here you can easily reach the sea, the Potemkin Stairs, or the city garden. Here you will be picked up by our electric car and taken with a breeze through the most beautiful and famous places with stops for photos. We also highly recommend to go with us to the sea, where you will not only see the famous Odessa beaches, breathe a breath of sea air, but also hear interesting facts and stories about the Black Sea and its inhabitants. Such an extensive excursion takes 2 hours, includes the city center and its sea coast and is called Odessa-Pearl by the Sea. Prices and schedule for it can be found here

2. Where do your excursions come from?

Almost all of our excursions depart from the Opera House, the yellow flag ‘Excursions’ flies at the central entrance, but you can find our electric cars on the street. Deribasovskaya corner of Richelievskaya, Deribasovskaya-Greek square, Ekaterininskaya square. The exact address is listed here. Excursions that go to a different address are:
‘Excursion to the catacombs in Odessa’, the exact address can be seen here
Excursions from the railway station, all excursions outside the city go from here, you can see here

3. What is interesting to see if you have already been to Odessa many times?

Odessa is always multifaceted and even if you have been to it more than once, there will always be something new and interesting. You can look at Odessa from the sea, sailing on a sailing yacht or a huge boat, you can go down underground and explore the mysterious underground labyrinths-catacombs, there are so many routes that both beginners and professionals will be surprised. If you go a little further from the center, wide avenues and ceremonial palaces will disappear and you will see a completely different side of the city with its small rickety houses and picturesque courtyards, the owners of which are Odessa cats. For those who are particularly curious, you can go on excursions outside the city, where you will also find many amazing sights.

4. Do I need to book an excursion in advance?

There are a number of excursions that can be booked 30 minutes in advance. First of all, these are excursions by electric cars around the Historical Center, an excursion to Lanzheron Beach and Arcadia, as well as a tour of the Opera House. You can call or leave a request on our website here. There are also excursions that you can sign up for by calling just an hour, this is a Criminal excursion, Catacombs, all walking tours of the city. Excursions outside the city, boat trips on a yacht, as well as group tours for 1-3 days should be booked 2-3 days in advance.

5. How often do your excursions depart?

The most popular city tours by electric cars leave every 30 minutes from the Opera House, so getting on them is not difficult. Also, every 2 hours the excursion ‘Criminally adventurous’ starts. Other excursions run according to the schedule, which you can see here

6. What are the prices for excursions in Odessa in your company?

Prices for excursions are varied and depend on your wishes. It can be individual excursions, excursions on an electric car or walking, excursions in a foreign language, extensive excursions are possible, where several topics are covered, as well as group excursions, for which we always make discounts. To familiarize yourself with our prices, you can go to this page or contact the administrator for a more accurate calculation.

7. What to see in Odessa with children?

For children, we have developed special author's excursions so that their acquaintance with the city would be in an interesting and entertaining way. We conduct a quest excursion for children in the city center 'Why Much for Odessa', you can get acquainted with it in more detail here, we are sure that children will be interested in an excursion along the entire coast from the center to Arcadia, as well as outside the city 'Quest excursion around the Fortress' In addition , on our page you can find a selection of interesting museums, theaters and other entertainment places interesting for children in Odessa here

8. Where can you eat tasty and inexpensive food in Odessa?

Odessa is famous for its cuisine and offers a large selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens for every taste and budget. We help to select various drinking establishments depending on the wishes of our tourists. In Odessa, there are many fast food cafes with home cooking and a cozy atmosphere, there are brewery restaurants for lovers of delicious beer, there are Odessa-style restaurants with a colorful atmosphere and Odessa music. Depending on your wishes, our manager will be able to help you in choosing, you can also familiarize yourself with a selection of interesting establishments in the center here

9. What languages ​​are your tours in?

The main language in which our excursions are held is Russian with the indispensable Odessa notes and flavor, we also offer excursions in Ukrainian, English. In addition, you can book excursions in Polish, German, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Turkish, but this is on request when booking at least 2 days before the start of the excursion.

10. How to order a gift certificate for a tour?

We offer to make an unforgettable and original gift for your loved ones, and what could be better than vivid emotions and impressions? A certificate for an excursion or boat trip will be a memorable gift. You need to contact us and tell us the number of participants, the theme, the name and surname of the hero of the occasion, we sign the certificate and after your payment we send it to you by mail. It can be printed out or submitted in electronic form. The certificate is valid for a month after its delivery.

11. Who conducts excursions in your company?

On our excursions, we do not use an audio guide, so real professionals in their field introduce you to the city, our guides are not just certified specialists, they are in love with Odessa, and therefore, with love and openness, they will tell interesting facts and stories, show picturesque streets and courtyards hidden from most tourists. You can get acquainted with our guides on a special page.

12. How to draw up a program of rest in Odessa correctly?

A well-designed program will help you get to know Odessa in a diversified way and get the most out of your vacation. In the hot season, it is better to plan excursions in the first half of the day or after 5 pm. During these hours, any walking tours or electric vehicles will do. In the hottest time from 12 to 17.00, you can plan an excursion to the catacombs, where the temperature is 14 degrees all year round, criminal and adventurous, where we use an air-conditioned car, a tour of the Opera House or boat trips with the possibility of swimming. Of course, these are just recommendations, we will make your stay comfortable at any time of the day. In addition, the schedule of all excursions is built in such a way that in one day you can visit almost all the most popular excursions, the choice is yours.

13. When is the best time to come to Odessa?

You can come to Odessa at any time of the year. We offer excursions all year round, the only thing during this period is the schedule slightly changing and some excursions become individual. Each season has its own charm. In the spring months, the city is especially beautiful, during this period the Odessa parks and the botanical garden are beautiful, where a large number of unique trees, once brought to Odessa from all over Europe, bloom: acacia, chestnuts, paulownia, catalpa, sakura. In summer, the sea is especially warm, and the nights are hot, you can sleep in the open air, admiring the stars, crowds of tourists, the city is alive, noisy, offers a lot of tasty and interesting. In autumn, the heat subsides, but all the streets and the sea are still permeated with warmth, bright autumn colors paint the city.

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