Sofievsky Park Uman
Excursion to Uman from Odessa
By the bus
7 to 15
550 uah
Взрослый (15+)
600 uah

Tour program

Attention !!! The price includes entrance tickets and guided tours.

6.45 Gathering the group at 8 Italiansky Blvd., meeting the accompanying person, boarding the bus.
10.30-11.00 Arrival in Uman
11.30 Start of the excursion in Sofievsky Park
13.00-16.45 Free time for a walk in the park
17.00 Departure to Odessa

For organized groups, it is possible to organize a complex lunch in Uman!

Tour description:

An excursion to Sofievsky Park in Uman is a unique opportunity to see the real pearl of Ukraine. The park is called a wonderful corner of love, made in the best traditions of palace and park ensembles of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Everybody is here imbued with love, and time seems to stop, nature pacifies and gives beauty and tranquility. The history of the park is fascinating. Created by a Polish aristocrat, the owner of the city of Uman Stanislav Pototsky, he became a gift to his beloved wife, to the beautiful Greek woman Sofia Vitt-Pototskaya on her name day in 1800. Once Pototsky together with the talented Polish military engineer Ludwig Metzel went hunt these places. They ended up in a ravine with many underground springs and the granite coming out to the surface. Nature itself suggested the idea of ​​construction a unique park, not inferior in beauty to European ones. Along the bed of the Kamenka river the main composition is located. Remembering the origin of your beloved Pototsky asks to use ancient Greek motifs in the design of the park, immersing visitors to plots from the "Iliad" and "Odyssey"

The park is divided into several thematic zones:

  • In the southern part of the park there is a main entrance with towers, a central alley,
    gazebo "Mushroom", Tarpeyskaya rock with a gazebo, a spring with a fountain
    "Silver Keys", Flora Pavilion, House of Scientists' Creativity, where you can
    visit the museum, as well as use the services of a hotel, restaurant and
    observation deck equipped upstairs.
  • In the central part you will see: the Venetian bridge, the "Snake" fountain,
    Lower alley, source of Hippocrene, Gathering Square, Big waterfall, grotto
    fear and doubt, Scylla's grotto, Belvedere platform, from which a view
    on a rock with a human profile.
  • In the eastern part you can admire the grottoes Oreshek and Lokotok, Tempeyskaya
    valley, Champs Elysees, Calypso grotto, Thetis grotto, Lake Superior
    with Anti-Circe Island (Love Island) and Pink Pavilion, underground
  • In the Western part there are: rose garden, Dubrova, Chinese gazebo.
  • Northern part includes English Park, Parterre amphitheater,
    greenhouse, Terrace of the Muses.

Arboretum "Sofiyivka" is a research institute, which is a member of the Department of General Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Here more than 3000 species of various trees and shrubs are presented, some of them characteristic of the local landscape, but many plants are unique and exotic, including: Weymouth pine, the oldest tree in the land of the ginkgo bilobo, sycamore, tulip tree, swamp cypress, pink rhododendron and many others. Sofievsky Park is especially beautiful in spring and autumn.

In addition to walking and excursions in the main park, you can also visit, opened in 2019, a new active recreation park Novaya Sofiyivka. Here you will offer unique compositions and art objects, where the world of Ukrainian culture and mythology is combined with the world of the ancient East. Guests can see the light and music art installation with a portrait of Sophia Pototskaya, innovative 3D mapping show & quot; Soul woods, a stylized entrance group, next to which there are paintings with periods of development of Sofiyivka, an observation deck, a waterfall Dragons other.

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By the bus
7 to 15
550 uah
Взрослый (15+)
600 uah
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